Welcome from Jim Smith - GMMG Registry

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Welcome from Jim Smith - GMMG Registry

Postby daytonajim » Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:12 am

Welcome to the GMMG Forum Board

This is an extension of the GMMG Registry that will allow GMMG owners to communicate with each other as well as non-owners of GMMG cars to communicate with GMMG owners..

A special thanks to Dave Crouse (crouse) who is hosting the GMMG Registry Forum Board on his server.

J.D. Le Blanc (4th Gen Camaro Addict) is the Administrator, Jim Simon (GMMG Blackbird) & Jim Smith (daytonajim) are Moderators & we are all long time GMMG owners having owned well over 18 GMMG's between us. This forum board is jointly owned by Jim Smith and J.D. Le Blanc and "the buck stops with us" as to how this forum board operates.

Please keep in mind that this forum board is to remain positive. If you want to gripe or complain you can do this on other forum boards - not on this one.

ALSO...................WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE LEVEL for profanity or obscenity on this website. If you want to loose your privilege of coming into this website and participating with others here, just violate this policy and see what happens - you will be immediately banned, no questions asked ! ! ! !

No "bashing" of Matt Murphy, GMMG or any of its previous employees will be tolerated on this website either.

Again, welcome and enjoy as we go live in early December. We are up & in a 'test' phase right now & working on de-bugging.

This will be another learning experience. Your ideas & suggestions are welcomed.

Jim Smith
GMMG Registry
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