New GMMG Camaro ?

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New GMMG Camaro ?

Postby OKSS » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:18 pm

I'm just brainstorming here but this is an interesting topic in my opinion.

Since the GMMG name, etc. is owned by someone who is not MIA, would it be possible for one of the owners of the GMMG name to purchase a 2018 Camaro SS, do some modifications (maybe Procharger, exhaust, upgrade suspension, colors, wheels/tires) and of course some sort of unique identifier (i.e. brass door tag) and put a GMMG nameplate and offer it for sale as a GMMG Camaro? Maybe even through a Chevy dealer somewhere. (I know this would take a investment in both time/money)
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Re: New GMMG Camaro ?

Postby daytonajim » Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:18 pm

Interesting topic for discussion....... Here goes......

A few years ago the GMMG Registry (Jim, Aaron & Jim) spent the money & acquired the GMMG Inc. Name & Trademark's. We wanted to protect the name so no one could come along & tell us we couldn't use the GMMG name. As I recall it may have been close to a years work to get it done? Mark Tepsic (DH #13) in Atlanta did all the legal work & filed all the paperwork.

Jim, Aaron & Jim have been funding the Registry out of our own pockets. We got a little help when JD was still alive with shirts, hats & other GMMG items. We ask for 1/2 of 1% if the Registry helps buyers & sellers get together but it's been years since we've seen any money. We DO NOT take any money out of the Registry.

You can order so much horsepower right from Chevy today & I think this makes the 'after-market' cars much harder to sell.

When the 5th Gens were announced I approached Berger, Nickey & a couple Chevy dealers about GMMG 5th Gens. Berger & Nickey (Dennis Barker @ Todd Wenzel Chevy) have their own cars & have no interest in new GMMG's.

6th Gen GMMG Cars? - We've had some discussion from time to time. There are so many suppliers building amazing Camaro's already (Berger, Nickey, SVT/YENKO & others) that adding GMMG to the mix would be difficult. Plus a huge investment for the possibility of only a few cars.

Could the Registry do it? Probably yes.

Would we do it? Probably not.

Would the GMMG Registry authorize some cars to be built? Good question? My 2 cents is probably not unless we could figure things out & there was a good reason to do it.

At almost 74 I'm over the hill for taking on a big project like this. It would take a lot of time & money.

Maybe post it on GMMG Owners Facebook & see what others have to say. It will be an interesting discussion. If there were a number of people willing to put down a large deopsit we'd have to look at it closer.

Thanks for asking.

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